Rugby Nations 13 Mobile Game for Android & iOS

Rugby Nations 13

Developed together with professional Rugby players and fuelled by the groundbreaking Phoenix engine, the astonishing visuals and incredibly fluid game-play propel your Rugby experience to new heights. Charge into the action with all-new set-play mechanics and offload passing. Strategically increase your scoring potential using the in-game team management to ensure only the fittest make the pack.

TV’s popular sports voice Bill Leslie provides running commentary of the big hits and outstanding tries. Combing all of this with top teams, key tournaments and exclusive challenges sets you up for an epic game of professional Rugby.

Unrivalled Rugby Visuals

The pioneering Phoenix™ engine delivers the most authentic visual presentation of Rugby ever experienced on Android. Motion-captured animations, highly detailed players and breathtaking stadiums bring the match to life like never before.

Release Date: 14/01/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Game Play of the Real Life Rugby Pros

Realistic AI developed with professional Rugby players lets you show your skills in all areas of the game, including box kicking, pick and go, drop goals, quick balls, blindside, offload passes, new scrum and lineout mechanics and much more.

Match Day CommentaryBy TV’s Favourite Bill Leslie

From highlight-reel worthy tries to hard-hitting tackles, TV’s sports voice Bill Leslie’s commentary takes the game to a whole new level of immersion.

All New Management Team

Team management allows you to make tactical substitutions during the game. Strategise your play to outperform your opponents both in skill and fitness. New kits, exclusive Gilbert™ team balls and the much requested name editor lets you create your own custom squad to bring down rival nations.

Greatest Teams More Cups More Challenges

20 teams representing the world’s most accomplished Rugby nations with the full set of exhilarating tournaments, including the new additions Pacific Cup, 4 Nations and Americas Cup. Challenges mode introduces 8 new predicaments for aspiring Rugby pros to showcase their pressure-handling talent across 3 skill levels. You can also rise to the top of the leaderboard and take on other Rugby Nations '13 players in Conversions mode.


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Rugby Nations 13 is developed by Distinctive Games.

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